Your Journey Begins

At La Quinta, you will be immersed in the tropical rainforest while enjoying traditional food, excellent hospitality and authentic experiences.

           La Quinta was established in 1993 by a Costa Rican family. They first acquired the property when it was an operations center for a surrounding orange farm. The main house was turned into the lodge’s front desk, lobby and dining room and the adjacent houses were remodelled to serve as the lodge’s rooms. Along with these changes, a reforestation project, that aimed to protect and strengthen the populations of native flora and fauna, was launched. This eco-lodge was nationally certified by the Costa Rican Tourists Board’ Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST) as a sustainable lodge. La Quinta earned the maximum qualification of 5 Leaves. The CST is a comprehensive program that categorizes and certifies each tourism company to the degree they comply with the model of sustainable tourism. La Quinta strives to have little to no negative impact on its immediate environment.  Every effort is taken to co-exist harmoniously with our surroundings. Our twenty acres are composed of regenerating agriculture, a reforested area with native trees, an old-growth forest on the riverside and tropical gardens. We will always treat our environment with the utmost care and responsibility, and would greatly appreciate your help in upholding these practices while you are visiting. We hope you enjoy the natural beauty of this lodge.

Discover Unlimited Beauty

From red eyed tree frogs to river rapids, the list of wonders is almost endless and we’re sure you’ll be amazed.

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